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There is an argument that the IT infrastructure within a school is now as important as the bricks and mortar that make it. The IT is as critical to each pupil’s development as the building itself and therefore, requires technologically sound staff that have the confidence and ability to not only manage the infrastructure, but to provide the necessary recommendations and foresight to understand the way in which IT is developing. This is to ensure schools prioritise pupil safety, IT performance and innovation, in an ever-changing IT landscape.

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It was a great pleasure to meet and had a chat with you.

A BIG Thank you to all - our clients, partners, old and new friends for visiting us @Bett Show. This year we have brought you the #GreatFindBalloon, and our childhood memory - Pick "N" Mix!
We were delighted that we all enjoyed a sweet moment at our stand E170. It was a busy but enjoyable week. We look forward to talk to you again soon!