Powerful TED Talks for Career Advancement!

Powerful TED Talks for Career Advancement!

We have handpicked a selection of powerful TED Talks for those seeking career advancement! In this collection, influential speakers from diverse fields share valuable wisdom and motivation to excel in today’s competitive job market. Whether you’re a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, these talks provide invaluable insights to conquer challenges, unleash creativity, and foster meaningful workplace relationships. Join us on this inspiring journey to unlock your potential and take your career to new heights!

Shane Lopez – The Secrets of people who love their jobs

Shane Lopez blends family stories and his own psychology research into an engaging discussion on what makes people happy at work and how to find your career bliss in a practical way.

Bill Eckstrom – Why comfort will ruin your life

In his TED Talk, Bill Ekstrom shares his transformative journey of losing his high-paying executive job and how he turned it into the best thing that ever happened to him, emphasising the importance of stepping out of stable environments to embrace challenges and personal growth.

Peter Sage – How To Eliminate Self Doubt Forever & The Power of Your Unconscious Mind

Are there really hidden patterns and belief systems within us that conspire against our best intentions? In this talk, human behaviour expert, Peter Sage, chats about some of the hidden reasons and unconscious patterns that cause us to self-sabotage and explains what we can actually do to change them.

Emily Jaenson – Six Behaviours to increase your confidence

How does a person go from being too shy to order pizza over the phone to become a keynote speaker and podcast host? In this TED Talk, Emily Jaenson details her personal experiences and the six confidence hacks that helped her overcome the fear that was getting in her way.

Jason Shen Looking for a job? Highlight your ability, not your experience

In this compelling TED Talk, Jason Shen, a former science major turned tech professional, highlights the pitfalls of businesses that prioritise experience over potential, urging employers to broaden their perspectives on hiring and embrace innovative approaches while offering jobseekers valuable advice on effectively showcasing their abilities to hiring teams.

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