Independent School Case Study with Curtis Fray

In a compelling case study, Curtis Fray, Head of IT Operations at Alpha Plus Group, shares how GreatFind Recruitment played a pivotal role in successfully placing a significant number of skilled professionals within their expansive IT Team. With Alpha Plus Group being one of the leading private education businesses in the UK, boasting over 20 independent schools and colleges, the collaboration with GreatFind Recruitment ensured the acquisition of top talent to build their IT team.

Candidate Case Study with Matt Britland

In an insightful case study, Matt Britland, Director of IT & Digital Strategy at The Francis Holland Schools Trust, highlights his collaboration with GreatFind Recruitment, discussing the seamless recruitment process and shedding light on the unique challenges faced by IT leaders in the education sector.

Ergo Computing Partners with GreatFind Recruitment

In the dynamic field of IT, where the right talent can make or break success, Ergo Computing sought more than just a recruitment agency; they needed a strategic partner attuned to their specific needs and culture. That’s where we, at GreatFind Recruitment, came in. In collaboration with Charlotte Hickling, Operations Manager at Ergo Computing, this case study will delve into how our consultative, tailored approach went beyond simply filling roles. Instead, we established a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership that has empowered both parties to reach new heights.