Top 10 Interview Techniques – IT – Sales/Marketing/Tech

Top 10 Interview Techniques - IT – Sales/Marketing/Tech

Top 10 Interview Techniques – IT – Sales/Marketing/Tech

1. Research

The first tip of any top 10 when it comes to interviews is to do your research, whether it be a sales, support, marketing, or technical role in the organisation. Be prepared for any question relating to the organisation itself, demonstrate you’re taking this interview seriously, and done background work.

2. Don’t exaggerate

In any CV, candidates like to embellish achievements to an extent, appearing more capable and experienced in previous roles. However, specifically with IT, this can be a pitfall. There are things you can embellish like resolution of bugs, but don’t say you’re a systems architect if you’re not.

3. Targets

If you’re used to hitting targets, talk about it, even better, talk about a time when targets were hard to achieve and how you overcome it. You can even discuss the target you’d be set joining the company, being engaged in the role even at this stage.

4. Skills learnt out of hours

Someone who can demonstrate any skills that they have learnt in their spare time shows the drive and initiative to be a better employee and a better person. The skill(s) may not be relevant to the role exactly, but it shows that you have more than one feather in your cap.

5. Ask questions

You want the role, so if there is something you’ve not discovered in your research (that you were hoping to find) unless it comes up earlier, ask it at the end. Have set questions prepared for the end of the interview – this shows you are again engaged with the employer and you want to know more, impressing upon your interviewer a willingness to learn.

6. Care about the answers

Take a pad and pen with you to record the answers to any questions and write down important points discussed. This shows that you’re not paying lip service to the company by asking questions, and gives the impression that you really care about their answers.

7. Team / Solo

Regardless of what type of role you’re applying for, you’ve got to be able to demonstrate your ability to not only work alone, but also as part of a team. This is all about making sure you can do your own job, but also ensure collectively, you and other employees can help achieve a goal.

8. Be unique

Coming into a new role you will want to be able to bring something to the table, if it’s something that’ll game-change the role, talk about it, impress them

9. Make eye contact and dress to impress

IT professionals are renowned for being less sociable, the nature of the role. But make sure you keep eye contact, and smile, show you’re approachable and friendly. In addition, the role may not always come with a suit and tie, but you have to make the effort and show you want the job so dress smartly.

10. Finish off and follow up

Finally, make sure you know what’s next in the process so you and your recruitment consultant can follow up and do make sure you follow up with an email thanking the prospective employer for their time. In a sea of interviewees that make no further contact, it may make you stand out for all the right reasons.

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