What Your IT Sales CV Needs to Say?

What Your IT Sales CV Needs to Say

What Your IT Sales CV Needs to Say?

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IT Sales has always been, and will always be a highly competitive market. As such, if you’re looking for a new career opportunity within IT Sales, then your CV is going to play a massive part in a successful job search. The recruitment process starts with the CV, whether you use IT Sales recruiters or go direct to the companies you know you want to work for.

Where to start with your CV

When it comes to writing a CV, it is important to start well. You need the profile to open your CV, which is essentially your sales pitch. Make sure it is specific to the role for which you’re applying. So if it’s an ERP company, make sure you highlight your ERP sales skills. If it is for a role within the public sector IT sales or selling into pharma, and this is your expertise and experience to date, tell the recruiter / hiring manager that this is the case. If it’s not made very clear on your CV, you stand less of a chance of being shortlisted.

How do recruiters know you’re the right person to shortlist?

As an IT recruiter, it’s tricky sometimes to shortlist and decide which of the very many CVs we receive that we should pursue and shortlist, interview and then represent to existing and new IT solutions companies.

You can help though.

Make your CV all about what you’ve achieved. You should have a good handle on your performance as an IT Sales consultant so ensure your CV clearly illustrates this. Those CVs which don’t have tangible figures relating to achievements will surely fail at this first hurdle.

If you closed deals to 130% of your target, then say so. If you closed the largest deal with X company, then say so. Details, number, figures help you to do this.

Ensure you outline your key achievements across all jobs across your career in IT Sales, as it’s vital recruiters and hiring managers can see consistency of achievements. If you’ve moved into IT Sales in your current role, then highlight this and if the previous roles were IT or sales related, then this helps but in this instance, illustrate the sales achievements over and above any other.

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