The importance of IT and Support Staff in Schools

The importance of IT and Support Staff in Schools

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There is an argument that the IT infrastructure within a school is now as important as the bricks and mortar that make it. The IT is as critical to each pupil’s development as the building itself and therefore, requires technologically sound staff that have the confidence and ability to not only manage the infrastructure, but to provide the necessary recommendations and foresight to understand the way in which IT is developing. This is to ensure schools prioritise pupil safety, IT performance and innovation, in an ever-changing IT landscape.

At GreatFind Recruitment, our differentiator is that our team is built with nearly 20 years of IT expertise. We have worked in IT throughout this period with a dynamic approach to change. This experience ensures that we understand what is required from staff to develop a growing, nurturing educational environment, developed on a bedrock of IT.

The right person for the job

The benefits of having an IT team are the familiarity and know-how of the school site, the vision of the school’s future and an understanding of each staff member’s individual requirements. This will ensure that through any periods of growth, your school will have a trusted advisor who can support the school in its periods of growth, through legislative changes like General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as well as through complete system migrations like Trust onboarding processes. IT staff have never been more important to a school’s foundation. And at GreatFind, we will ensure that they are the right staff for you!

GreatFind’s vast network of IT engineers and consultants will ensure that we find the right person for the job. Our ability to understand what a school requires based on its requirements sets us apart, as we would seek to understand each school’s current issues as well as long term drivers and ambitions during the recruitment process.

Giving pupils the best start

Employing IT Support Staff and ensuring that they are highly trained should give your school enough confidence to take advantage of the latest technology, so that your students are best placed for the future. Students in school today may be applying for jobs that don’t even exist yet, so it is imperative that they are well-equipped to manage and utilise the latest technologies. A highly-skilled Support team will only strengthen that, as they will be able to advise and consultatively support the school in moving forwards to meet the ever-increasing demand on technology in the classroom.

Ravi Patel, Director of GreatFind Recruitment

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